Tweeting AAHM 2013

The American Association for the History of Medicine met for its 2013 annual meeting back in May at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, (fittingly, just across the street from the Centers for Disease Control). It was my first time at the AAHM conference and I enjoyed hearing papers, giving my talk on the history of genetic counseling in the US, and meeting some of my fellow Nursing Clio bloggers. I also enjoyed following — and doing my best to contribute to — the #aahm2013 Twitter backchannel.

As I mentioned near the end of the conference, I planned to gather all I could of the conference hashtag conversation to display as an archive of sorts. My plans were quickly diverted by comprehensive exams (passed, by the way — yay!), a longish research trip to sunny Minneapolis, and teaching the first half of African American history in a four-week summer class. Late August, however, found me with a brief slowdown that has given me the chance to iron out the minor technical hurdles and get this project finished.

You can read all of the tweets from the #aahm2013 conversation, as well as a short write-up of what I used to archive them, at AAHM 2013: The Twitter Version. I also posted a somewhat more detailed write-up on the Public History in a Digital Age lunch session.